Sports Management : A Broad Industry

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1.1 Career Interests Sport management is a broad industry that offers many different opportunities in different aspects of the industry. My personal interests deal more with the business aspect of sport, specifically the financial aspect of the industry. The economics of sports is what interests me the most. How sport organizations earn their revenue, how the salaries of players and coaches play a role, the revenue earned by the sporting venues, and how do organizations handle their costs are all things that I would like to figure out and be a part of. The sport industry drives from the economics associated with the industry and how much revenue is coming in as opposed to the costs associated with the industry. If there is no revenue coming in or no good balance between revenue and expenses, that means that nobody is buying into sports whether it be fans, investors, or companies willing to pitch in for an organization. If there is not a good control of the finances in the industry, that means that there is no sport industry and I want to be a part of maintaining a good control of the finances for a sport organization. Whether it be a professional team or maybe a collegiate program, I want to become an important part of the team by helping to maintain financial stability.
1.2 Personal Strengths Most of what I bring to the table is a good attitude and professionalism to whatever my position is. Personally speaking, I tend to get along well with others and I rarely get myself

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