Sports Management System

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SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION 1. INTRODUCTION The document aims at defining the overall software requirements for “SPORTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. Efforts are been made to define the requirement exhaustively and accurately. The final product will be having only features/functionalities mentioned in this document and assumption for any additional functionality/feature should not make by any of the parties involved in developing/testing/implementing the products. In case it is required to have some additional features, a formal change request will need to be raised and subsequently a new release of this document and/or product will be produced. 1.1 PURPOSE This specification document describes the capabilities that will be provided by the…show more content…
User (with role of a operator) will be able to access details regarding a particular player, matches and the events that have been scheduled. USER CHARACTERISTICS (i) Educational Level: At least graduate should be comfortable with English Language. (ii) 2.4 Technical Expertise: Should be comfortable using general purpose applications on a computer. CONSTRAINTS (i) (ii) (iii) Since the DBMS being used is MS EXCESS 2000, which is not a very powerful DBMS, it will not be able to store a very large number of records. Due to limited features of DBMS being used, performance tuning features will not be applied to the queries and thus the system will become slow with the increase in number of records being used. Due to limited features of DBMS being used, database auditing will not be provided. 2.5 None APPORTIONING OF REQUIREMENTS 3. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS This section contains the software requirement to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design the system and testers to test the system. 3.1 3.1.1 EXTERNAL INTERFACES USER INTERFACES The following screens will be provided: (i) LOGIN SCREEN This will be the first screen to be displayed. It will allow user to access different screen based upon the user’s role. Various fields available on this screen will be : (a) User ID : Alphanumeric upto 10 characters (b)
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