Sports Marketing Essay

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Sports Marketing
The Four E’s
Group Presentation and Report
Sports Marketing
The Four E’s
Group Presentation and Report



2. Introduction, Engagement

3. Experience

4. Entertainment, Emotion

5. Conclusion

6. Bibliography and PREZI link

Sports’ marketing is becoming more readily known as the vehicle that drives the sports business to success. It is “orientated toward consumers and about thinking, deciding and acting in terms of the final consumer. You have to know who your consumers are, what they want and need and use this effectively as a sports marketer orientating the drive more toward the market, not the product (Sports Marketing: The motor that drives the sports business
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As there are many important variables in this decision process that are not under the direct control of the sports marketer such as the players performance or lack of competition in match, it is vital to ensure that fans enjoy a positive experience. It is necessary in an increasingly competitive and cluttered sporting landscape to strategically manage the variables that are under the control of sports marketers. It is essential to the sports marketer to understand which dimensions spectators perceive as important (Michael D. Clemes, 2011).

Sport differs from other forms of entertainment in that it evokes high levels of emotional attachment (Milner, G.R. & Macdonald, M.A. 2012) For example, currenly in the NRL team The Cronulla Sharks have been involved in a lot of media speculation with the sacking of crucial staff members and several doping scandals undergoing investigation. An eye opening decision for the spectator was the sacking of head coach Shane Flanagan. The fans and spectators of this sport took to Facebook to petition Flanagan and two weeks later was reinstated "I am here now and I am grateful for that. My focus now is on the players, Sunday's game and the season ahead. It has been a tough couple of weeks for so many people. It has been terrible; it has been hard on family, friends and players. I am glad we have been able to sort this out,” said Shane Flanagan, head coach of The Cronulla Sharks during a recent

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