Sports Marketing Philosophy Paper

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“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but I’m going to tell you that it’s going to be worth it” (Anonymous). What is the meaning of life without obstacles? Is existing worth while without the challenges we as humans face everyday? An individual's sole perspective on life essentially pertains to this one controversy. In relativity to optimism, my opinion belongs to this philosophy. Personally, this philosophy is envisioned through my desired career in sports marketing sales research. Researching sports marketing bears a constant challenge due to specific audience demographics. An individual must understand and master unorthodox characteristics pertaining to specific regions to find success facing potential patrons of a franchise. Specific…show more content…
Strategy incorporates the essential factors of structure, people, and process. Structure is the basic framework of strategy incorporating what sales operation would deem prosperous and the enablement of marketer implementation. Secondly, people are an imperative factor to the success of strategy often forgotten by those studying sales research; people direct the execution of marketing strategies and fundamentally arbitrate whether or not your organization will fulfill success. Furthermore, process applies to one’s prosperity in sales research. Process determines whether or not success is impetus or is hindered by gradual, uneventful failure. In definitive fashion, I as an individual must coordinate a strategy for my own education surpassing to this point. Subsequent to graduation from high school, I plan to pursue a tertiary education for sports marketing sales research at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. To prepare for university level studies, I included multiple marketing and sales-based coursework into my scheduled classes. I’ve also decided to implement realtime practice for sales research by partaking in DECA, an organization preparing emerging leaders for careers in marketing. With these credentials, I will be a qualified and determined individual who will have potential to achieve fulfillment in my desired
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