Sports Marketing: The Agent Athlete Relationship and Ethical Issues

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Due to the nature and complexity of contracts, agents are expected to have a background in contract law and be knowledgeable in finance, business management, financial and risk analysis, and of course, sports. In order to be a successful sports agent one must not only be a great negotiator, but also be highly motivated, have exceptional communication skills, be prepared to work long hours and handle multiple tasks at the same time. An agent must be able to apply effective marketing principles. The “Four P’s” of marketing are: 1. Product (or Service) - What does the athlete want from the agent? What needs does the agent satisfy? 2. Promotion- How is the agent successfully promoting the athlete? 3. Price- What value does the athlete give…show more content…
An athlete prefers the best public image possible and to obtain that image the player must only associate themselves with individuals that are held in high regards and highly respected in the public’s mind. An agent that has participated in questionable acts could taint an athlete’s image. Therefore, an athlete would want no association with that agent A perfect agent would be an honest and loyal agent that abides by both federal and state laws governing agent athlete relations. An agent that will always put the athlete’s interest before their own and be highly dedicated to ensuring the athlete gets the best deal possible in every situation that arises throughout the athlete’s life. Ethical Issues Athletes and the sports industry have turned into a multi-billion dollar business annually. Stacked on top of that is that leagues and educational institutions receive multi-million dollar media contracts each year. This is so that broadcasters such as NBC, FOX, and TNT have the rights to broadcast that team or leagues games. The surge of money in the sports industry has led to an influx of agents into the world of agent athletes. Consequently, a fierce competition for client representation has arisen due to the overcrowded nature of the sports industry with sports agents. This competition has sparked many agents to do whatever necessary to reach an agreement with athletes. In

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