Sports Media And Its Impact On Society

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In what ways do sport media contribute to the perpetuation of gendered inequalities? In developing your argument, suggest two solutions that may help redress this situation.

Sport has become a pivotal role in developing the news and entertainment media worldwide over the last two centuries. Sport media are one of the most widespread and formidable institution that become the crucial vehicles in the transmission of the social heritage of our society from age to age, which included television, radio, newspapers, books, films and journals. Sports audiences usually experience sports through different sport media as it plays a significant mission of transmitting the dominant cultural values. According to Betterton (1987), “the media contribute to the ways in which we come to know and understand gender relations. At the same time, through its many forms, it also creates and emphasizes images of gender difference”. Sport media perpetuates both gender difference and gender hierarchy, and they are contributing to present the hegemony of man in the larger social structure, men has dominated the sports coverage in the media rather than the participation of women, which can be reflected in the conventional ideas that the male is more active and athletic than female (Buysse 2004). This essay is going to explore the ways how sport media contribute to the perpetuation of gendered inequalities, it will focus on the aspect of gender stereotypes, disproportion of media coverage and the role
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