Sports Medicine Trainer, Physical Therapist, Exercise Physiologist

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Are you one of those athletes who over the years have experienced several injuries, whether it was pre or post season and you feel that you know a lot in the field? Well, you should consider majoring in Kinesiology. Majoring in kinesiology provides you the opportunity to work in the field as Sports Medicine Trainer, Physical Therapist, exercise physiologist and so many other careers. Most athletes that major in this field typically go for careers in Athletic Training. Athletic trainers have several jobs. “The American Medical Association has recognized athletic training as an allied health care profession since 1990” (American Dental Education Association , 2012). “The American Medical Association endorsed athletic training as an allied…show more content…
This job growth may be due to particular interest in sports for children and the elderly. In May 2013, the BLS reported that the average annual wage of an athletic trainer was $44,720” (, 2013). In today’s society Athletic Trainers work hard and are trained to prevent sport and daily life activities before it is too late. Job Overview The question that always come with the option of becoming an Athletic Trainer is ‘Do I have to do four years in school then another two to four years for training’? In order to become a certified athletic trainer, “you must have at minimum, a bachelor 's degree through an accredited athletic training program or meet other requirements set by the Board of Certification (BOC)” (American Dental Education Association , 2012). “[Other requirements will consist of] CPR and first aid certification; an endorsed application by a NATA-certified trainer; and successful completion of the NBOC exam” (Jenkins, 2013). Getting a bachelor 's degree in athletic training is the minimum needed to start your career. A few course one will have to complete throughout these four years will consist of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Sports Psychology and Nutrition. It is important to take these course along with a variety of other course for this field to best understand the movement of the body and certain affects the body have. Being an athletic trainer is not always easy. It requires time and patience. As an athletic trainer

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