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The other day, I was checking my mail and I came across a card addressed to me from Milrich Associates. It was a card wishing me a happy one-year anniversary since joining the team. The card thanked me for being “part of our team”, and in the card, Melanie Koerperich wrote: “It’s been a whole year already!” To me, it doesn’t seem like it, but it has.

I guess time flies when you’re doing something you enjoy!

Last year was a particularly lean summer for me in the sportswriting department, my bills were starting to pile up and I was looking for something to help supplement my income. I wouldn’t say I was desperate for another avenue but when Melanie – full disclosure, we are old friends from high school – commented on my Facebook page that she
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Sure, I’ve been able to weave in some of my sports anecdotes into my blogs. I even did a blog about all the sports metaphors used in the business world and, recently, talked about the impact that a team in a major sports championship has on the local businesses and economy. But, for the most part, I learned that there was much more, in fact, that I needed to learn.

For starters, I had never heard the terms “virtual work” or “virtual assistant” before I started with Milrich Associates. So, like every good reporter, I had to do my research and homework on the subjects. I looked up different blogs from people who worked from home, mainly “stay at home mom” blogs, so I could get a grasp of this new
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It was a different style of writing, one that I had to go a bit out of my comfort zone to rediscover, but one that I think brought out a different side of my creativity. That creative writing side, that had pretty much been dormant since high school and college after 20-plus years of writing mostly sports pieces came festering back. It felt good to rediscover that, it helped me approach my sports stories in a different light, and I believe my overall writing in the last year has improved because of it.

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with different topics, and sometimes “real life” interferes, but the most important thing I’ve taken away from this is how much I’ve learned about the world of business and virtual work.

For every blog I’ve written, about the benefits of this or that, I’ve equally learned while typing out those words. It’s been interesting.

When I celebrated my anniversaries with the newspapers I wrote for, all I got was a review, I never got a personalized card like I did from Milrich Associates. It’s been a great company to be a part of, and Melanie, Ben, and the crew do genuinely care about the members of their team, that’s for
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