Essay on Sports Narrative

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Tyler Douglas
Professor Thamm
Eng 101-10:00 a.m.
Due: Sep. 29, 2008
Essay #1


A major role in my life would definitely be sports. It is almost as if I look up to sports because I could not live without them. Sports pretty much define me as me. I love to play sports as well as watch all kinds of sports on T.V. and if I could ever go to a game and watch the players play live I would be thrilled. Basically sports define me because I am ambitious, I finish what I start, I set goals for myself, and I am a fierce competitor in which I love to win and I hate to lose. The greatest part about sports to me is living for the moment when the game is on the line and the pressure is on can you come through and make a play for your
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With the game tied 6-6 that is when I went into my own little zone and was in my moment. The crowed was electrified and cheering us on. I thought about all the hard work the coaches put us through doing two a days and keeping us late after a hard practice, spending all of that time and hard work just for this one little moment when the game was on the line. Back to reality our quarterback had started the play and it looked like it was going nowhere and we might have to got into overtime. Then after about 6 crazy seconds he threw the ball to our halfback and he broke a couple tackles and the somehow stretched across the goal line by about 2 inches and we had taken the lead 8-6 with 52 seconds to go. When the game clock hit 00:00 for the first time in our schools history the football team had beaten Aberdeen and none of us could believe it. This was a special moment.

Now, it was in this moment when I had realized that sports define me as me because we never gave up, none of us wanted to lose, we set a goal and completed it, but most important we kept our eye on the prize and came through in the moment when the game was on the line. Nobody is going to remember how many games we won or who the best player on the team was that season, but I guarantee what people will remember is when we had beaten Aberdeen for the first time in school
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