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Jordan Murry 4/24/14 Sociology of Sport 233- Final Paper Undefeated Sociological Analysis It is my honor to be doing my first submission of a topic based on the sociological aspects of the sports world in this month’s addition of Sports Illustrated. First off, let me start by saying “Undefeated” was an excellent film choice to look at from a sociological perspective. Not only does this film posses multiple theories and sociological concepts, but it also has real-life stories built into the film. The viewer almost feels a personal relationship with these characters by how detailed and up close the documentary is. The first theory that the film shows is the conflict theory. The Manassas High School football team is in…show more content…
Bill Courtney will always be remembered as the man that got the Manassas Tigers out of their low class struggles. Even with low valued resources like football equipment and lack of players, coach Bill got the Tigers to their first playoff appearance in school history. He did this through compassion (at times too much) and a fatherly guidance to all the young men on his football team. The film did an outstanding job at underlining the journey of three seniors on the Tigers football teams. These young men are O.C. Brown, Montrail ‘Money’ Brown, and Chavis Daniels. The second theory the film uses is functionalism. This theory is used by highlighting the lives of these three seniors, and how their homes (intuitions) and up bringing lead them to their respective paths in life. The film first touches on the story of Montrail Brown, and how the last words of his dying father was for him to pursue the highest level of education. This unfortunate experience at the age of 13 fueled Montrail to excel in the classroom. By Brown’s senior year he had earned a 3.8 GPA and his only goal was to get his football team to the playoffs and receive a college scholarship. At an undersized offensive lineman, ‘Money’ knew he would not be receiving an athletic scholarship but possibly an academic scholarship because of his academic success and serious financial

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