Sports Pedagogy : An Academic Field

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Sports pedagogy is known as an academic field. One between both sport and education. Pedagogy is the practice of teaching within an academic field. Shown by Wallace’s explanation ‘not only the practical application of teaching, or pedagogic, skills, but also curriculum issues and the body of theory relating to how and why learning takes place.’ (2009). Combined pedagogy with sport creates an in-between physical culture and education, In which many sub-disciplines come into place among sport(s) science(s) and collide with one another. This is such as Armour mentions and describes sports pedagogy within sub-disciplines ‘the requirement to grasp that as a sub-discipline of the field of sports sciences, sports pedagogy is in the unique position of being characterized by its function of assimilating all the other relevant sub-disciplines into practitioner knowledge.’ (2011, p.14). Armour here is saying that sports pedagogy has the unique ability to combine each and every sub-discipline in sport(s) science(s) from psychology to biomechanics together under one discipline, in which a pedagog can learn and should put into practice when educating, coaching and teaching their learners. As well as this Armour also grasps the idea that without combing the sub-disciplines learning cannot be achieved at is full potential ‘knowledge from all the other sub-disciplines of sport sciences programs comes together in the interests of children, young people and their learning’ (2011, p.14).
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