Sports Performance Increases With Team Cohesion

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As sport performance increases with team cohesion, it is important to understand the factors influencing team cohesion. Our purpose is to understand how leaders influence the sport team’s cohesion both by their behaviour and their role within the team. Two types of behaviour are assessed: initiating structure behaviour and consideration behaviour. Within a team, both coaches and fellow athletes may act as leaders. The influence of these leaders, in their specific role, whether as coach or as a fellow athlete, is analyzed. It is determined that in order for a team to have strong cohesion, the leaders play an important role in highlighting the importance of the individual players while providing structure, friendship, training, instruction, decision-making, social support, and positive feedback to produce overall team cohesion. Introduction Rain streams unnoticed down the faces of the anxious onlookers. It’s the ninth inning. The home team is down, 8-6. There are two out. Lee’s on first. He just batted Brent to third. It has been a rough game for their star batter and now he’s up to bat. Everything is on the line. Strike 1. Ball. Ball. Strike 2. Ball. Full count. Carlos hears his team in the background. They have worked so hard for this, each of them playing a unique role. The words from Coach Hein’s pre-game talk before the game replay in his mind, “You have what it takes. It is when we come together that we will be successful.” Sweat trickles down the nape of his neck. They
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