Sports Program Proposal

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Sports Proposal SRM320: Org. & Admin. Of Sports & Recreation Management Instructor: Eric Dybvig August 12, 2013 Table of Content Executive Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Introduction to Program--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Goals------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Research--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Framework------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Scope…show more content…
A new field will be needed and a gym at which conditioning and therapy processes can be conducted. In addition, uniforms, equipment, Insurance, and various other needs will be met through two financial allocations, which are private lenders ort investors and government grants along with state contributions from various anonymous businesses. Also, advertisement endeavors will be implemented for local businesses to extend their business in hopes of expanding the sports team. Education Education of fitness, team participation, and conditioning will provide each teammate a clear directive of the challenges that lie ahead. In addition, diversity educations classes will help with players from all states recognize the challenges and the social aspects of competitions. Management Responsibilities Management responsibilities will include endeavors from various areas such as managing the team from the coach’s perspective, advertisement, promotions, and all medical authorizations to play softball. Staff and Responsibilities The staff will consist of one upper level management one lower level management team leader, head coach, conditioning coach, physical therapist, and scheduling coordinator. Below indicates a visual layout of the hierarchy
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