Sports Programs For Children And Young Adults

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Every fifteen seconds, it happens to someone. That is four in a minute, 240 in an hour, nearly in a day, or over two million a year! It is also the number one cause of death in children and young adults. It is a traumatic brain injury, which happens in many contact sports. An example of a traumatic brain injury is a concussion. These are very serious injuries, killing over 50,000 people per year. Contact sports have a great contribution to this number, which causes people to inquire: Are contact sports programs for children and teenagers too intense? A bunch of people think they are too intense because of the injuries, deaths, and emotions that they sometimes cause. But some people think that the sports are not too intense because they keep kids active and they have fun. Although some people think that contact sports are not too intense, an adequate chunk of people believe that contact sports are too intense because of the injuries caused by sports, because it can disrupt the development of the brain, and because sports put children at risk.
First of all, there are many types of injuries from participating in contact sports programs, such as football, soccer, and hockey, and the fact that these injuries happen a lot denotes that contact sports programs are too intense. Many parents are taking their kids out of sports because of fears of head injuries. However, the article, “America’s Concussion Obsession,” states, “A third of American children are overweight, in…
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