Sports Related Violence And Its Effects On Society

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other teams. Below the owners are the coaches, the coaches develop plays and mold players to dedicated athletics to push to them to their highest potential. Last is the athletes, their role is to follow the instructions of the coach and to work collectively with their fellow teammates to ensure victories for the season. (Langton 2015). Each person has a specific role in the organization, together they rely off each other knowing each one is doing their part for the good of the whole organization. If the organization becomes unorganized, the fans take notice and become filled with anger can lead to chaos.
In the event of a riot there is complete chaos, there are high levels of aggression and anomie. Durkheim describes anomie as, “a lack of moral regulation.” (Durkheim 1897). Sport related violence can be induced by the excitement and hostile behavior demonstrated by the athletes to the fans, and by adding alcoholic beverages into the equation is a recipe for violence. As each person embodies the negative behavior and becomes destructive is a state of anomie. Fans are emotionally invested in the team and the players, for their love of the game the fans lose sight of behavior that is socially correct and demonstrate deviant behavior, which put them in a state of anomie.
An original work by Durkheim, The Rules of Sociological Method (1895) helps to explain the formation of social groups and how fan based violence occurs. Durkheim claims that Sociology is the study of social…
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