Sports Risk Management Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
Sport risk management is an importance thing to focus in organization especially sport organizations to practice in organization. Risk management comes early years 1970 (Aman, 2006) and nowadays risk management practices is increases and take serious in risk management practices. Sekendiz, Laroche and Corbelt (2011), sport today changes from recreation to professional activities including sport industry, athletes and professional coach or officer. Everyone participate in sport industry including athletes, coaches, managers, sport officers, organizer and all manufactures sport equipment exposes to risk. Sport risk management still low at Malaysia difference UK. Sport risk management comes from combination risk management scope and sport. Risk management and sport a difference scope because risk management is a part of process risk management for organization and for sport is an activity in manage heath. An effect from combination both is more effectives and efficiency in management of sport organization. Performance athletes maybe can evaluate and identity from sport risk management because organization may identify process to minimize
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Sports risk management is to prevent and minimize accidents and mishaps in sports. Ehsani, M. and Versi, K. (2012) the practice of risk management is a new thing and need qualified coaches to achieve better performance of risk management within the organization. Ammon (2001) and Clement (1998) Risk manager must appoint to manage the model of risk management practice to create and exercise program must safe. Ammon (2001), Thatcher (2006), and Price (2010) top management and coaches need to know about knowledge in risk management field of sport and more experiences in handle training to manage the risk in the risk management practices of facilities, equipment, and safety
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