Sports Science And Anti Doping Essay

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In November 2015, a historian received email from Nikita Kamaev, who is the chief director of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. It said "I am writing to you as a result of your experience, within the field of sports science and anti-doping problems. I need to put in a book concerning truth story of sport medical specialty and doping in Russia since in 1987.” Kamaev explained that he was longing for a author and publisher, and he needed the historian 's interest. Three months later, Kamaev died of an attack. there is not any proof that Kamaev 's death was foul play, but however the well known poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian Federal Military Intelligence Section 5 and Russian agency, and a laundry list of journalists who 've died throughout Vladimir Putin’s regime, may leave associate degree observer pardonably suspicious. It’s strange to avoid wondering it, because the 2016 urban center Summer Games initiate below the cloud of Russian doping scandal,that in scope exceeds something enacted throughout the Soviet era. In May, the erstwhile director of Russia 's anti doping laboratory unconcealed that "dozens" of the country’s Olympic athletes as well as laurel wreath winners benefited from a state-run doping program throughout the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. It was, noted the big apple Times, "one of the foremost elaborate and flourishing doping ploys in sports history." Indeed, Gregory Feifer, former NPR national capital correspondent and

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