Sports Social Media Analysis

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Social media has proved to be a vital tool wherein businesses, and a host of other organizations get to converse directly with customers/audience, therefore resulting in an unparalleled level of fan engagement. Sports clubs and franchises have seized the opportunity and leveraged this incredible marketing strategy, working towards the common aim of creating a passionate, invested fan base (Du Plessis, 2013). Dr. Alyssa Tavormina, a faculty member of Florida University’s sports management program, mentions that fans do not only interact with sports franchises via social media, but also athletes have accounts which enable millions of fans to connect personally with them. This direct conversation has allowed fans to engage in the sport franchise activities. For example, the Florida Gators engaged a huge fan base via the social media approach, by launching the “#GatorAlways” campaign where fans shared their own personal experience of being a Gator fan. Nonetheless, Dr. Tavormina mentions that most of the sports franchises lack a comprehensive understanding of user’s needs and motivations in social media.…show more content…
For this dissertation, quality content in the social media domain can be described as exclusive and authentic information in various forms, be it text, pictures or video. It should also be posted in appropriate length and frequency to in turn provide value to the audience. Social media is cluttered with information; hence, quality allows an organization’s message to surpass all other visible content. It is essential to provide value to users via the provision of information that is exclusive in nature. The unique information includes content highlighting proximity to the sports teams and events, player profiles together with behind the scenes info; content that cannot be accessed elsewhere (Hassan, S., Shiratuddin, N., Hashim, N. L., & Li, F. L.,
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