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Sports Sponsorship Research Paper

Being an older sister to an extremely athletic teenage boy, I’ve seen it all when it comes to sports apparel. I’ve learned over the years what’s “cool” and “not cool”, and I know I’m not just speaking for my brother when I say that Under Armour is one of the coolest. But what makes Under Armour so cool? Why do so many athletes, young and old, choose Under Armour over the brands they’ve been so loyal to for so many years, like Nike and Adidas? Our generation was able to witness the brand grow; it began as a company selling only its tight-fitting, sweat absorbing shirts and has now become one of the top-selling sports apparel brands in the world, alongside Nike and Adidas. Of course Under Armour’s
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On March 27, 2006, Texas Tech announced a five-year contract with Under Armour, making the brand the official outfitter of its football team. On November 10, 2008, that deal was rewritten which then designated Under Armour as the university’s exclusive performance footwear and apparel outfitter for each of the Red Raider’s 17 varsity athletic teams. This new five-year, $11 million agreement includes an annual Under Armour product allowance as well as a rights fee, marketing entitlements, event tickets, and retail licensing rights (“Texas Tech”). Based in the heart of cotton country, the majority of Tech tickets, tuition, and donations come from Lubbock cotton producers. When an old friend of Under Armour’s Kevin Plank, Tommy Tuberville, became the new head football coach at Texas Tech University, Plank told Tuberville, “We’ve got to do something at Tech, because our motto is that we’re cotton’s worst enemy. That doesn’t go over very well in Lubbock” (Linehan). So, when the news of Tech’s agreement with Under Armour became public, a majority of the community was slightly defensive and somewhat offended. However, both Under Armour and the University did a very nice job assuring the community of no hard feelings, and now the Under Armour brand is more universally accepted in Lubbock than anywhere else. The announcement of the brand’s new product, Charged Cotton, which
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