Sports  Sponsorship  and  Consumer  Purchase  Intention: from  the  Perspective  of  Consumer  Brand  Awareness

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Sports sponsorship and consumer purchase intention: From the perspective of consumer brand awareness 1.0 Introduction Sports sponsorship has long been crucial sources of funds for sports, literature and art as well as the social events. And after 30 year of development, sponsorship marketing has gradually become a global industry. It is widely acknowledged that sports sponsorship enhances the consumer's perception of a brand via big events. However, the study on to what extent the sports sponsorship would influence consumer purchase intention is rare.

This essay is established in the purchase intention of consumers, from which to explore consumer brand awareness, and then
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Some brands developed because of its uniqueness that being recognized by consumers who are seeking for characteristic. In such circumstances, being different is a way to draw consumer’s attention and transfer this emotion into benefits. In this point, some sports sponsorship can be seen as a way that brands try their best to achieve uniqueness via patent.

3.0 Sports sponsorship Sponsorship is the meaning of "host, help", including literature and art, sports, charity and the scientific research support and so on. This diversity has also led to essentially 3

cognitive differences of sponsorship marketing, mainly reflected in the sponsorship is essentially commercial sponsorship or charitable contributions. Meenaghan (1983) distinguished commercial sponsorship and charitable contributions .He defined that sponsorship is “business organizations provide financial or in-kind support to an activity in order to achieve commercial purpose ". While enterprises donate products to a number of organizations cannot be counted as a true sense of sponsorship, Otker (1988) defined sponsorship from point of management said that” commercial sponsorship is purchasing and using of the relationship of an event, in order to achieve the purpose of the marketing". Sports sponsorship is reciprocity and mutual benefit between enterprises (sponsor) and sports organizations (sponsors).

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