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Unlike professional sports, college sports developed rather violently without regard from university officials. Prior to 1850, there was no such thing as intercollegiate sports. University officials knew there was a yearn for physical release demanded by the student body, so their way of dealing with this epidemic was through manual labor. They had students either farming or clearing forms of debris from college grounds. University officials saw this as a positive because it gave the students physical activity which also benefited them financially because there was no money being put into these activities. The way the students dealt with this was, they created their own contests or events, which was known as “class rushes”. These rushes…show more content…
The first official college baseball game was between Williams University and Amherst in 1859. The first official college football association included Harvard, Yale, and Princeton and was developed in 1872. The first track and field association, Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletics of America was formed in 1875. The first ice hockey game was between Harvard and Brown in 1985 (College Athletics in the United States, 2016). With all this attention, traction, and inflow of money, college sports were established and have changed through the years to what we understand it to be now. Factors that contributed to the change in college sports from then to what we know about it now include; financial greed, social and cultural pressures, and the constant battle with academics. Like most other businesses or companies, the biggest issue facing collegiate sports right now is financial greed in all its different forms. Whether it’s from greedy committee officials coming from the outside, there always seems to be an influence of money. According to USA Today, Texas A&M had the highest total revenue in the 2015 collegiate year, $192,608,876, up roughly $73 million from the previous year (USA Today). From all this money, athletes involved and actually playing the sports don’t receive a single cent. Everyone knows the big money comes from college athletics and not academics. Just in

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