Sports : Sports Business Management Essay

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UCF Sports Business Management Masters
In order to be successful in sports business, one must be able to relate to the complex relationship between profitability and maintaining relationships. Having relevant experience and and education of these issues in sports is paramount to finding this success. This includes work with the community and other extracurricular activities that help one understand what it takes to be a successful sports professional. I will outline the experience, educations, and beliefs that I believe make me a strong fit for the Devos Sports Business Management Program.
The Devos Program would give me the best chance to succeed in sports business. I am also applying to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst as a secondary option. The curriculum covers a wide variety of topics applicable to both collegiate and professional settings. For example, the Facilities and Event Management course covers topics which allow one to navigate the complex world of sports stadiums of professional and collegiate backgrounds. Sports Analytics covers the fastest rising trend in professional sports. With a background of not only the statistical application, but economical theory as well, this course prepares an aspiring professional for use of analytics in the workplace. The Sports Business Management Core is not the only area that is outstanding. The managerial accounting and strategic finance courses provide students with the ability to make financial decisions in what is
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