Sports Stars: 1919 Black Sox Scandal Essay

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Sports stars are public figures. Their fame can make us join charity work and causes to change the world we live in. The star power of a professional sport can even bring together a divided nation. President Nelson Mandela was successful in bringing together a divided nation through a national sport in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Like in South Africa, America’s game of baseball is a sport that is part of our culture. From the Civil War to the War in Afghanistan, from pick up games played on sandlots to fantasy baseball played on the computer, baseball’s tradition is directly related to America’s history.
The Black Sox Scandal was probably the most famous scandal in the history of baseball. Although betting on baseball and having “fixed”
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Before game 1 he received $10,000 form Rothstein. With the start of game 2 looming and no money had been handed out except for Cicotte the conspirators were still willing to throw game 2. After losing game 2; Maharg divided $10,000 among the rest of the involved parties. With the series 0-2 everyone in the media including the Chicago Tribune knew the series was going to be over soon. After winning game 3 the White Sox threw game 4 to go down in the series 3-1.
The night before game 5 there was another gambler who decided to become a large player in the deal. “Sport” Sullivan a big time gambler from Boston, paid Jackson, Risberg, Felsch, and Williams, $20,000 evenly. Game 5 was a much more competitive game with both pitchers not allowing a runner past first base until after the 6th inning. With the Reds winning the game and going up 4-1 in the series; it would normally be over. But after World War I and the increased interest in baseball Major League Baseball thought it would be in the best interest of the game to increase the World Series to a best of 9 series. (BR Bullpen) After winning two straight games the White Sox had a chance to win the series(Asinof). Before game 8 Williams who was scheduled to pitch was visited by a hit man stating that if the game was not over by the end of the first inning he and his wife would be killed after the game. Losing the game 10-5 the series was over with the Reds winning the 1919 World
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