Sports : The High Speed, High Skill Sport Of Nascar

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The High Speed, High Skill Sport of NASCAR Sports are a very big part of the culture in the United States. They are also a vital part of the society and the interaction of the people within the society in many other nations as well. Many activities or games are clearly recognized as a sport throughout the world. An example of this would be soccer which is world renown. However, there are other activities that do not fit so clearly into the description of a sport, like soccer does. Upon looking at a sport like soccer to define what a sport is, the defining aspects would be it is a game, with specific rules, it requires physical strength or athletic ability, it entails specific skills, it involves competition and it is entertaining. There are some activities that do not completely demonstrate all of the aspects often associated with a sport, one of these is NASCAR(National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing).. While there may be some controversy relating to whether or not this is truly a sport, I would propose that NASCAR is a sport because it is highly competitive, it involves very specific skills and it is extremely entertaining. NASCAR is highly competitive sport. The cars are expertly designed for competition. Even though they are stock cars, NASCAR allows modifications to the cars to improve durability. The cars are also equipped variety of necessary safety devices. These include metal tubing, metal sheeting. They require designers, engineers and mechanics to be

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