Sports : The Importance Of Sports And Friendships In The Family

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“If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you”, said Odell Beckham Jr. Sports help you interact with your family, friends, and even get closer to your coaches. Sports help create friendships with new people and get closer with family as they begin to come to all of your games to watch you. Family is most important because they stand on the sidelines and cheer you on which helps you feel a lot better and stay more focused in the game (Palo Alto Medical Foundation). Sports are very important because they keep kids active, they are fun, and it's something to do after school instead of sitting around. Firstly, sports keep children very active and keeps them fit mentally. Sports also keeps blood in our bodies flowing. Playing sports help build confidence even if you’re not good at the sport. It also makes kids traits better, like competition, strategy, and a desire to win. Not only does sports keep kids active but it improves muscle and breathing. Also, it helps by keeping children energized and it de-stresses them at the same time (Kapoor). Not only does sports keep kids active but it benefits their health. Sports get kids off of their phone and out on a field or court to keep them healthy. Many children are obese because they lie around all day and don’t get enough exercise. Keeping kids health good is good and their more than likely to get to do more when they get older. What I mean by that is when people are obese as kids they start getting lazy and not wanting to get
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