Sports Violence in Relation to Preserving Values in Society Essay

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Bench clearing brawls in baseball, bloody hockey fights, soccer mobs, post-game sports riots, and increasing injuries are all images of today’s sports that are familiar to us.
In recent years players and fans alike have shown increased aggression when it comes to sporting events. One of the most disturbing trends in sports is the increasing frequency and severity of violence. Injuries and deaths among participants are on the rise, as are injuries and deaths among fans and spectators. Violence in sports is an important issue because sports themselves are an important aspect in our lives and the society we live in.
Their importance, however, should not be greater than our concern about preserving the values and aspects of our
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The social learning theory maintains that aggressive behavior is learned through modeling and reinforced by rewards and punishments(171). Each of these theories could play a role in the increasing violence in sports. Athletes may be seeing sports as an outlet to vent there frustration and anger.
Young athletes often take sports heroes as role models and imitate their behavior, which may lead to children imitating such aggressive behavior in their own sporting activities. Many continue to argue that sports have always been violent and that today things are no better or worse than they were years ago. However, according to Berger, evidence contradicts this and sources show there are more serious injuries and violent acts on and off the field in today’s sports than there were in the past(9-10). Violence in sports is not a new concept, but it is more prevalent and harmful today than it was in the past(Yeager
126). There has been an increase in the frequency and seriousness of acts of violence, which is most prevalent in team contact sports, such as ice hockey, football, soccer, rugby, and even basketball. This is likely due to the increased competitiveness in sports. The strive for competitiveness starts in youth sports and only escalates in college and professional sports(Berger 12). The greater

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