Sports Vs. Common Activities

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Thinking back on this I realize that most sports are universal almost like another language that every country knows how to speak. For example in the Olympics almost every country that participates has athletes that compete in each sport and they may not speak the same language, but they are all elite athletes at the same thing. Another example is that in my sixteen hour placement the individual I am tutoring and I share the same interests in many of the sports we play. He was born and raised in Cuba and enjoys baseball, soccer, and skiing; although skiing probably became an interest when he came to Canada. All of those sports are things I grew up playing as well from a different part of the world, and if we were not able to understand each other verbally, I am sure we could play a game of soccer still together. Sports or common activities could be a great way to introduce ELLs into phys-ed classrooms as they will most likely know how to play some sports even though they may not have a full understanding on the language yet. Working vocabulary or some conversation into the sports would help to make the student’s sport experience a fun and educational one that I personally think would work quite well for the students who enjoy sports. If I had an ELL in my phys-ed class I would make an effort to have the rules of sports on a small handout with a visual of the court or field to give a useful visual example for students that learn better that way. At the same time I
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