Sports as a Big Business

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Sport As A Big Business
Every team uses advertisement to represent their sport in one way or another, whether it is in the city news paper, or on national television! Slogans, logos all help to promote sports teams in the National Hockey League.
A logo is used to represent a product or association in a fashionable memorable way. The National Hockey League better known as the “NHL” is one of the most storied leagues in the world! Everybody worldwide knows the traditional black shield with NHL written diagonally as the NHL logo, it is found almost anywhere you go; in stores, arenas, on clothing items, accessories, etc. The National Hockey League has had only one vivid change to their logo in over one hundred years! The original logo was
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It gets their fans excited for a new season, and makes people more eager to watch and go to their home games! The Ottawa Senators slogan is also bilingual, which has a great supportive effect on the city. “My town, My team” is in a way manipulative because of the way it is kind of telling citizens that since they live in Ottawa, the Ottawa Senators should be the team they cheer for. This slogan is a perfect example of a great slogan; it is definitely promoting their team in a big way! The people of Ottawa almost have no choice but to be Ottawa Senators fans and this slogan will motivate them to support the team and watch and cheer at their home games! Advertisement in sport is huge in the National Hockey League. The use of logos and slogans are two of the best ways to promote all of the teams and captivate people all around the world. Logos, and slogans let fans have a positive way of representing and supporting the team they choose to cheer for.
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