Sports development plan

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I am proposing a 3 day handball camp which will be put in place to assist the growth of handball at junior level within Nottinghamshire. The sport is growing and is deemed to be one of the best legacies of London 2012 (BHA, 2011). However, there is still a large gap in the market for new and enhanced programmes at junior level to assist the sport in becoming more popular (Gary Cruz, 2006). Since becoming an Olympic sport in 1972, handball has been dominated by European countries, mainly due to the restricted structures in position (Roberts et al, 2012). The 2 years following the Olympics is said to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the sport to grow and foster in England (Thomason, J. 2012). In 2009 the national training centre…show more content…
A consent form will be attached to each leaflet, which is to be filled in by the parent/guardian of the child if they are to attend the camp. This is then to be handed into the school. This way the coaches and volunteers will know the number of participants expected at the camp in order to plan the sessions and how many staff are needed. An advert in the local radio station promoting the camp will also be aired in the mornings targeting parents and children on their way to school and work.

Figure1: Gant chart highlighting time scale.

The purpose of this proposal is to target juniors at grass roots level, to increase their skills and motivate them to carry on playing the sport within the Nottinghamshire area. On the success of the proposal and in order to expand my project, more camps will be staged in each of the school holidays and after school sessions can be put in place with additional funding from extended school services, gradually increasing participation in Nottinghamshire. The extended after school sessions may also provide opportunities for new and enthusiastic coaches to gain 1st4sport level 2 handball coaching qualification from England Handball which is going to be introduced to the east midlands. Qualified coaches will improve the standards of the sport and become the base of new junior clubs
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