Sports in the 1920s: depiction of the changes sports, and sports figures, went through in the 1920s

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Sports in the 1920s

Sports went through many changes in the time period known as the "Roaring Twenties." Some sports were just starting out; others were broadening their horizons, while others were simply becoming more popular. New heroes were emerging in sports, new teams, and even new leagues.

Although there were many greats in the 1920s, without a doubt, George "Babe" Ruth was the first and most famous out of all the heroes presented in this time. Ruth changed the whole game of baseball. Ruth was traded to the Yankees from the Red Sox on January 3, 1920 for $125,000. This was more than double the highest price paid for a player. The country had just come out of war, and the basic morale was low. Sports however, lightened the spirits
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One man began to bring the game to America, Walter Hagan. In 1921 he became the first American-born professional golfer to win the PGA Championship, and a mere nine months later, he also became the first American-born professional golfer to win the British Open. Hagan was able to bring the appeal of golf to more Americans by defeating the British and bringing two Championships home. Bobby Jones also
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