Sports vs. Action Games

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Martin 1 Michael Martin Irene Wirshing ENC1101 05/24/10 Sports games Vs. Action Games Video games have become a major aspect of our society. Kids play it almost every day, even adults get into it. There are many different game types you can choose from such as action, adventure, sports, Disney, and many more. The two that I want to focus on though is sports and action games. Both of them have their own style; action deals with explosions and gunfire usually just a lot of things happening while sports deals…show more content…
The only thing that is in common with games is how long they take to make, the process. You need many different animators producers, others for sound affects and visual art. Also you can bring in a musical artist or group if you want Martin 3 certain songs to play throughout the game. Some games involve story lines even the sports games. The turn seasons into stories, for example, madden NFL; madden is a football game that has been around for many years. It gives you the ability to create a player and have a career with that player, like a story sort of. Same goes for lets say God of War. It’s an action game about a god you play and you set out on a journey to kill your father. So making each game has its differences but the basics of just making one is basically the same thing. All in all, you can’t say that every video game is the same. You got to look at the type of game it is and how it feels to play it. I mean you can find some similarities but mostly the differences are pretty obvious. Moat people who don’t play video games are always saying things like, oh it isn’t realistic, and what not but they just say that cause those are the people who aren’t very good at them
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