Sports vs Performing Arts

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Should the performing arts receive equal as sports?

The performing arts have been proven to increase a child's mind. Yet sports keep the mind and body strong. This is a debate that has being going on for the past 20 years. On whether funding should be used to fund sports or the performing arts. People argue for both sides. Today I am arguing for the performing arts.

Music education being the right of all children it must be taught in appropriate ways suggested by the geographical cultural and social environment (3). And yes, that is true. Every child should have the write to experience. Every person, in every culture is introduced to some form of music. Whether a person lives in Asia, Africa, Italy, or the USA. That person
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Dr. Wilson who is another researcher feels these findings are so significant that it will lead to a universal understanding in the next century that music is an absolute necessity for the total development of the brain and individual (6).

Music has multiple learning benefits, and recent studies establish a casual relationship between music and enhanced learning ability (6). Music has also been shown to have benefits later in life. "Successful music students develop the skills necessary for a variety of occupations. Successful music students tend to posses the qualities and skills that are generally considered essential to employers in business education, and service organizations (6). " "The Norwegian Research Council for Science and the Humanities has found a connection between students having music competence and high motivations in that they were more likely to achieve success in school (6). " The Music Education Association also says " It has also been found that through involvement, in group music activities on the high school level, individual learn to support each other, maintain commitment and bond together for group goals (6). " The last thing the Music Education Association says about how music improves the mind is that " Music Education Association feels and has observed that student involvement in school music has a
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