Sportsmanship : A Sport Fairly And Loses Gracefully

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Casey Harral English 1101-23 Sylvia Johnson November 2, 2015 Sportsmanship "One who plays a sport fairly and loses gracefully" is how The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines sportsmanship, but what is true Sportsmanship considered to you? Is it an attitude, or simply an act? Sportsmanship can be handled in several different ways. It’s how one team handles another on and off the field. Simply it could also be said as just the way you handle the game in general after a tough loss, or after an easy win, it how your demeanor is during and after a game. Sportsmanship can be an Individual, as a team, as a community, or at a deeper meaning all of them together. Sportsmanship has evolved greatly over the years. Sportsmanship is known as a couple different names including; professionalism, and showmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct, this results in a 15-yard penalty, such as excessive celebration during a game after a score or a well-made play. For serious instances of unsportsmanlike behavior such as fighting, there are fines, suspensions, and bans from games, or even tournaments, and championships. These are all examples of poor sportsmanship. The number one question is why suffer through penalties or pay thousands of dollars in fines when you can just keep a calm head? Good sportsmanship is the most important aspect of a game. Sometimes games will get personal and tension will rise very quickly even when the game is close and a lot is on the line therefore, sportsmanship must be

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