Sportsware Manufacturing Company

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Over the past 15 years, and our company Sport Zone is running its manufacture in sportswear. As we managed to create our own name and brand among the local market and being the leader in designing sports club uniforms a, today a new subject will be introduced to our business in product expansion: shoes manufacture.

Sport Zone Co. the name that was sponsoring national football leagues for the past 5 years and being presented as the major sportswear designer for basketball college teams, today is discussing a plan to expand its products and footwear into its list.
Our net profit report for year of 2013 proved our ability in attracting more customers and keeping a standard rate in retails sales. Introducing shoes as a new brand to our production will cause a big difference in our business track.
In order to take the proper decision of product expansion, the below points must be taken in consideration:
- Determine the size of market’s demand
- Search for the segments that let your product as top brand
- Creating a new value for the product.
We should look carefully how much the market needs to cover the customers demand. It is so important to make sure that our products will not be an additional product in shops that will end up in the store house. As today many companies competing in the shoes industry , our product must be unique by its design and quality in which attracts the customers and let it be a substitute to many other brands. The shoe designed by Sport
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