Spotify Descriptive Writing

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Six in the morning. Usually I wouldn't complain about it being so early, but this morning in particular seemed so brutal. I walked back upstairs from the constant good mornings, my feet dragged and my eyes drooped. I knew this was going to be a long day. I walked into my bathroom to get ready for another day of getting told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I reach for my phone that's sitting comfortably on my counter and log into Spotify. Being more alert now and focused on the task at hand, didn't remember that me and my brother, Erik, shared a Spotify. This would not be such a big deal if we weren't on it at the same time. The reason being is what he was listening to when I clicked on the app would pause his music and play it on my phone. I clicked onto the app my phone started to blare this strange music. At this point in my life I wasn't a big music fan. Sure I liked the occasional Fall Out Boy, but other than that, I just listened to…show more content…
I watched all their interviews and absolutely loved them. my sister, Sarra, was also and so was Erik! I was standing in my parents bathroom and they both knew I liked the band, but they didn't to what extent. So when they told me they got Sarra tickets to go see them for her birthday and that they also got three for me, my dad, and Sarra to go. I almost screamed I was so happy. Well, I'd be lying if I say almost. I did scream. I kept listening to their music and becoming an even bigger fan of them than I was. Flash forward to June 28th, 2016. The day of the concert. My dad ended up giving his ticket to Erik, but later deciding he really wanted to go and so did my mom, bought tickets for both of them. On the way to the concert I had my phone plugged into the aux cord and we were all singing their songs at the top of our lungs, out of nervousness and excitement. As we arrived at the concert I could feel a lump in my throat and my heart pounding in my
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