Spotting The Differences And Connections : Uta Hagen And Stanislavski

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Spotting the Differences and Connections: Uta Hagen and Stanislavski Constantin Stankislavski and Uta Hagan are considered to be two greats in the art of acting. After reading the excerpts from the packet, and the chapters in the book it is really understandable as to why they are so respected in this art. When taking a look into their work there are some similarities about their craft and technique, however there are also some differences, as Utah Hagen branched out as did many others. In this paper, I’ll be taking a look at where these pioneers of their craft share similar methods, and where they differentiate in the use of their technique. I’ll start with Constantin Stanislavski. Stankislavski draws on a point that he liked to see what was going on within the actor, rather than what he was seeing on the outside. He believed that this is what gave the play its life. “To me as a spectator, what was going on inside of you was of much greater interest. Those feelings, drawn from our actual experience, and transferred to our part, are what give life to the play” (Stanislavski 155). Stanislavski also said “…The inner experience came first and was then embodied in an external form” (Stanislavski 155). I believe that internal life does play a big part in acting, as I do also find myself enjoying what is happening to an actor internally. For example, I think it’s extraordinary to see what words do to an Utah Hagan on the other hand, believes that the external life is the most
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