Spread of Islam to North Africa Essay

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“There are about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population, making Islam the second-largest religion”(Desilver 1). The Muslim religion is very dominant religion in the 21st century. It is grown about 2.9% a year. This religion wasn’t always always so prominent, and so widely accepted. The Muslim religion was created by the Prophet Muhammad around 610 C.E. The religion started off in present day Saudi Arabia, the religions followers soon realized they would need to spread if they wish to keep their religion alive. Islam was spread to North Africa as a result of conquest over African tribes, missionary efforts by the Muslim people, and traders spreading the religion by ear.
At first the amount of people that supported the Muslim
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Although missionary efforts played a big role in the spread of the Islamic religion; traders who spread the religion by ear were the most effective.
Trade played a massive part in the spread in the Islamic religion. Not because the people would “trade” the religion but they would talk about it and discuss the up and down to the Muslim faith. This would get people to see the upside of the Islamic religion. It also helped that during this time period the Arabian peninsula could have been the trade center of the world because it was in the middle of the known world. The Muslim people would also spread the religion through trade because it would help the trade and economy of the country. The main reason that it spread the fastest and the most effective, was because it was quickest way to speak about the religion to other people in the world.
North Africa was exposed to the Islamic religion because of the Muslim Arab army conquering African tribes, the Muslims missionary efforts, and traders telling people about the religion. During the time while the Muslims were conquering, they actually did very little conquering and more spreading. They didn’t force the religion just showed the good side of the religion. When the people who tried to spread the religion to help out their religion, they would state the good sides of the religion. The good sides were that
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