Spreading Christianity in The Journey And Ordeal Of Cabeza De Vaca by Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca

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Author: Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca

( The Spread of Christianity was the most significant purpose of Cabeza De Vaca’s account) While many would say Cabeza De Vaca’s exploration was built on struggle, death, and extreme suffering, I would say that Cabeza De Vaca’s exploration although disastrous, was a complete success. The significant purpose was to gain insight on the different cultures of the Indians that Cabeza De Vaca had encountered, to find gold and signs of wealth, and also possible agricultural environments. But the overwhelming purpose that ties all these together is Cabeza De Vaca’s understanding of the possibility for the spread of Christianity throughout the American southwest.
One of the biggest obstacle’s Cabeza De Vaca had to endure were the many Indian tribes he encountered. Some were friendly, many were violent, and others where just curious. It seemed from the very start Cabeza De Vaca was able to experience the many actions, emotions, and traditions that came with the Indian’s, which helped him accommodate and grow closer to the different Indian tribes. Whether it was him observing the ignorance of the Avavares Indians in there way of telling time, the lack in understanding of the seasons, or the immoral practices of the Mariames and the Yguaces Indians killing young children and slaughtering men and women, Cabeza De Vaca experienced it all, and his greatest asset was his skills of…
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