Spring Break Of Alabama, Alabama

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Spring Break In Alabama

In the early morning of April 7th, 2015, my grandparents, parents, brother, and I awoke groggy, and excited for the days to come. We drug ourselves out of bed and got ready for the long, tiring, 12 hour, car ride. About 4 hours away from Gulf Shores, Alabama, our final destination, we decided to stop at Bass Pro Shop in Birmingham, Alabama. At Bass Pro Shop we looked at hunting and camping accessories while stretching our legs and looking for snacks, so that we could continue straight to Gulf Shores. Once we arrived in Gulf Shores, we stopped to get our key to the condo then went on to eat lunch at Hooters. At Hooters my parents, brother, and I got mild wings, which weren’t very good. The salty fries, on the other hand, were amazing. After lunch we put directions into the GPS and drove to our condo we rented for the week. The condo was amazing. There were twin beds in the first room on the left, next to that was a bathroom. Across the hall was the washer, dryer, and a closet. The kitchen was huge and the dining table fit six people comfortably. My favorite part of the condo was the spacious and cute living room, with a big tv and enough comfortable chairs to fit eight people, the living room was very relaxing. To the right of the living room was a bedroom with a queen sized bed and a bathroom, that’s where my parents slept. Across the living room, to the left, was an adorable, suite like room, with a king sized bed and a large connecting closet and…

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