Spring Break

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Spring break is supposed to be a great time from the second it begins, until the second it ends. Now there is always that boring time it takes to get to wherever you may be going no matter how far that may be it is always the least fun of the entire vacation. My last spring break’s car ride happened to be the least fun by far of any trip I have taken up to this point in my life. It all started out not so good before I had even left to pick up my buddies who were riding with me for the trip. My good friend Josh had came to stay with me the night before we left for Panama City Beach, Florida. We both figured this would save us some time the next day since I already had to pick up another guy on the way to Florida. That night, after Josh got…show more content…
There were points where we were only going 20 mph on the interstate. We braved the storm and did not stop once. Our minds were too set on the hopes and dreams of spring break. After making it through two states worth of driving 20 mph in a snow storm we were a bit behind schedule in meeting our friend at his place in Florida. However, we were still much ahead of the rest of our group who had just left Indiana. As we entered the sunshine state we called Jake to see where we needed to go from there. He gave us some directions as he took shots in a bar which made us skeptical as to how accurate his directions were in the first place. Although we were unsure of the accuracy of the directions given to us by our drunken friend we took the roads we were told to take. Unfortunately, our fears came to life when we wound up 2 hours in the complete opposite direction of where we needed to be. At this point, it was 4 a.m. Jake was sure he had told us to go the other way of what he had told us. Even to this day he swears he told us the right way we just turned the opposite direction. Our only option was to turn around and drive back 4 hours the way we came to get to his house to get some shut eye. We made great time getting back on track and arriving in Jakes town. It was now around 7 am in Florida and Jake had stopped answering his phone an hour ago. We had no idea where to go now that we were actually in the right town. All we could think about was

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