Spring Break Essay

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Making the most of your Spring Break photo vacation Spring is around the corner, and soon millions of us will be hitting the highways for spring break to visit the beach, a national park or fly off to an exotic location. It seems that every year when we return from our vacation, there comes the task of going through all of our digital images that we stored either on the camera, smartphone or digital media cards. Locating your images is one thing, but trying to remember what location they were taken in is another problem, not to mention that your camera gear is still in working order or not lost somewhere. But it doesn’t have to be this complicating. These tips will make your photo experience more fun as well as relaxing as well as assuring that you and your camera make a safe return. Whatever your travel plans are this spring season, be sure to have your camera with you. There is nothing more embarrassing returning from your trip empty-handed, with no…show more content…
But don’t panic, unlike film, digital media cards are not affected by X-rays. Carry proof of ownership with you, or otherwise, you may have to pay VAT on your equipment upon your return. If you decide to purchase a camera overseas, there is no import duty taxed unto your digital camera, unlike film cameras. If you plan on carrying your camera on board the plane, make sure it is padded for extra protection If traveling by car, you are sure to come across some interesting sites on the way to your spring break destination. It’s sometimes difficult to stop at every location to take a picture. The way to get around this is to have camera handy and shoot through the window, either up on a cold day or down on a warm day depending on where you are traveling to. Just be sure to have your windshield and window clean of dirt. Use a faster shutter speed and select distant scenes to avoid motion blur. Don’t attempt to drive while you are taking pictures unless you are the
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