Spring Dinner Menu

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Students are throwing on white aprons and putting their culinary skills to the test for the Rosen College of Hospitality Management’s spring dinner series.
Each dinner, consisting of a three or four-course meal, is wholly organized and prepared by students. Each evening is open to the public for $30 per person, plus tax. While registration for the first dinner on Feb. 11 is already closed, there will be three more throughout the semester on March 3, March 24 and April 14.
“The price is not a profit-point. It’s going to be covering the cost,” Jonathan Judy said, a professor at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. “I understand that doesn’t exactly fit into the student budget, but we would love to see some students and I think they will be pleasantly surprised and see the
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"It’s a live event for the public, so it’s going to hold them up to a higher standard, just like if they were a professional."
Students with create each menu and meal and manage the dining areas and finances. They will also receive the assistance of special guest chefs, including Arnym Solomon from the Culinary Institute of America and Josh Oakley, co-owner of the Smiling Bison.
“I know how to cook now, but it would be cool to see a four-course meal prepared,” Elizabeth Gordon said, sophomore event management major. “I think it’s a great opportunity to network too. The students who want to go to culinary school after Rosen College have a great chance to meet distinguished chefs.”
While all students interested in culinary arts can participate, the Food Service Operations and Management class will serve as the core management team for the dinners under the direction of guest chefs, Judy, and Renee Bence, senior lab technician at the Rosen College.
The Rosen College of Hospitality Management decided to bring back a similar version of a class from the college’s

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