Springhill Country Guesthouse Essay

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Springhill Country Guesthouse Case Study

1. What is meant by qualitative and quantitative research?

a) Qualitative essays are more subjective and focus on the researcher 's own inferences drawn from his study of the data.
The qualitative studies use data from focus groups or case studies that the researcher herself analyses.

b) Quantitative studies are more objective and concentrate on drawing conclusions based a statistical analysis of the data. Both types of essays seek to answer a question, called a hypothesis, about some aspect of social phenomena. The quantitative projects use surveys that provide a set of fixed responses that can be coded with numbers.
Springhill country Guesthouse is planning to increase his
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A problem can be considered as market opportunity such as: * Market potential * Market share * Market characteristics * Sales analysis * Short-range forecasting * Long-range forecasting * Business trends analysis

Problem solution research is to solve specific marketing problem such as: * Segmentation research * Product research * Pricing research * Promotion research * Distribution research

It is important to mention:

a) Problem identification or recognition starts when a company manager believes that he doesn’t have enough information to make a decision to solve a problem or to identify and take advantage of a market opportunity. In that case the manager has to seek for the information through the market research process.

b) Defining the real problem it is important so the manager can be clear about the information is needed and for what purpose. The management decision problem needs to be defining in terms of a market research problem.

c) Defining the objectives of the research it is important in this stage of the market research to avoid studying the wrong thing. Basically here the manager define what information he needs, when he need it and makes a statement of the purpose of the research.

In the case of Springhill, they defined they need demographic information but

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