Sprinkles: Leading a Sweet Trend

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Management CS CH 6 Sprinkles 1) In this case, Candace and Charles Nelson displayed many characteristics associated with entrepreneurs such as, self-confidence, tolerance for ambiguity, high energy levels, and share a desire for independence. Candace and Charles displayed confidence by believing in them and in their cupcake business and made the decision to quit their lucrative careers to pursue the uncertainty of the cupcake only bakery. Their confidence could be tied in with their tolerance for ambiguity. Entrepreneurs are risk takers; they tolerate situations with high degree of uncertainty. This is the case for the Nelson’s. To bring the cupcake concept to L.A. during a time that the United States was deeply influenced…show more content…
This can be a major issue to keep the firm successful as it grows. 3) To assess the potential for a new venture on campus called “Sweet Bites,” I would pay close attention to the potential value of the venture, using calculations and predictions to determine the anticipated profit and loss for that venture. Understanding that business owners tend to be more optimistic in their business, as an investor I would need to be more cautious in were I invest my money. The assessment of a new business venture must evaluate many different situations and accounts to find a feasible outcome to determine the value of the new venture. To help in my assessment I would need to see a business plan that projects business activities and growth for the first 5 years. By developing a clear business plan, the owner can present his or her expectations for the business over the course of the next few years, and I as the investors can review this plan to determine how much value the business venture currently has and is expected to have in the future. I would also determine the business value which is what the business is worth if it was to be sold. Subtracting liabilities from assets will give a rough estimate of the value. To help with my assessment I would contact other investors to see what they would off for the new business venture. This will help determine the value of “Sweet Bites” and give me as an

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