Spriware Case Study Essay

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STUDENT NAME: AKASH SALIAN STUDENT #: 4213714 CASE # 1: SPRIWARE CANADA INC. COURSE NAME: BICG9503 01 International Mktg Strategies PROFESSOR NAME: MARK PARKER 1) Has Spriware successfully marketed its products in Canada? Explain why or why not? Yes, Spriware has been successful in marketing its products in Canada. It sold all the units of refrigerators produced in the Canadian market, in the first year of operation with a market share of 10%. The main factor for its success is its marketing strategy, which they used in two ways. Firstly, they distributed their products to two of the selected large retail groups in the market by conducting proper market research. Secondly, the co-marketing activities carried out by Spriware…show more content…
Therefore, to avoid this situation he decided to attain a market development strategy by entering a new potential international market in order to increase its refrigerators production and sales. 2) In your opinion, should Spriware enter the market of Mabuhailand? I think Spriware should enter the market of Mabuhailand. The reason would as simple as grabbing an irresistible opportunity. Mabuhailand has emerged as a stable democracy over the past few decades, governed by the pro-business centrist Liberal Democratic Party. On the other hand the literacy rate is 70 percent, which is quite good, also people know English, which is required to carry out any international trade. If we speak of culture, the people live in joint families with two or more generations within the same household. This symbolizes the needs of a single family to be high and a potential opportunity to introduce energy efficient refrigerators into their households. Although the new generation is trying to move with the flow of economic prosperity and planning to live on their own the demographics for the need of refrigerators won’t be hurt that much. Taking an account of Mabuhailand's natural resources, they are pretty much rich in precious metals, diamonds and oil reserves, which is a good sign for foreign investors. The political change at present has given a good opportunity for

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