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Financial Statement Analysis Project Sprouts Farmer Markets vs Whole Foods Financial Accounting and Reporting ACTG 4610 August 10, 2015 Table of Contents 1. Background of Sprouts Farmers Market 3 1.1 Description of the company and its business 3 1.2 Business Environment 3 2. Income Statement 4 2.1 Major Sources of Operating Revenues and Revenue Recognition Method 4 2.2 Major Types of Operating Expenses 5 2.3 Significant changes in operating revenues and expenses 5 2.4 Other items on the income statement 6 3. Balance Sheet 7 3.1 Current and long-term assets 7 3.2 Current and long-term liabilities 9 3.3 Major Components of Stockholders’ Equity…show more content…
Sprouts sells around 50% of perishable products and 50% of non-perishable products. If possible, they try to offer local products first and if they are not able to obtain those then they widen their scope. Sprouts operates solely in the United States of America. As of February 26, 2015, they have a total of 198 grocery stores in 12 states and have become one of the most important specialty retailers of fresh, natural and organic food in the United States. 2.2 Business environment Industry (p.2-3 10-K) Sprouts operates within the grocery store industry which ranges from very small and local grocery stores to large and independent supermarkets. Sprouts however believes that they are one a of kind and have a few competitive strengths that include: “Comprehensive fresh, natural and organic product offering at great value, resilient business model with strong financial performance, a proven and replicable economic store model, significant new store growth opportunity supported by broad demographic appeal and lastly a passionate and experienced management team with proven track record.” Competitors (p.13 10-K) The U.S. supermarket and grocery store industry is immense and accordingly very competitive. Sprouts competes with several companies which include the regular supermarkets such as

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