Spruce Lake Spice Company Of Redding California A Number Of Key Discussion Points

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Spruce Lake Spice In this case analysis of the Spruce Lake Spice Company of Redding California a number of key discussion points will be discussed and analyzed. Spruce Lake is a spice company founded the Tunney’s Michael and Jessica. The firm specializes in providing spice products, information and great customer service. This analyses will based on the key points listed below. 1. Spruce Lake’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be identified along with any implications. 2. The vision of the owners for Spruce Lake will be detailed and analyzed to whither they are achieving it. 3. An assessment of the company’s financial statements will highlight the firm’s management of its risk and opportunities. 4. Finally recommendations for the future of the firm will be based on the case study and analysis of Spruce Lake with explanations as to why these were recommended. Through these discussion and topic points this analysis of Spruce Lake will conclude with summary of the analysis and a personal opinion on wither the company should continue with their business model or to head onto a new path with one or more of the recommendations. To begin Spruce Lake’s strengths lay within the makeup of the owners of the company. The owners being Michael and Jessica Tunney. Each owner bring individual strengths to the company as well as combined strengths. Michael brings a bevy of strengths to the firm with work experience from his work with natural food co-operatives during

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