Spurious Goods

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Definition of spurious goods. Spurious goods and services" mean such goods and services which are claimed to be genuine but they are actually not so. These goods are outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its original qualities. Thus such goods are intended to deceive the customers. Introduction: Spurious goods are copy of the original products having well-known trade marks, logos, along with the external packaging and product arrangement, so that they look like they are authentic when they, are in reality second-rate copies or imitations of the original product. These spurious goods are available due to a lack of consumer awareness, weak enforcement of existing laws and rapid innovations in technology so today…show more content…
Some of the medicines that are widely copied are medicines like Paracetamol, Crocin, Alprax, Ampoxin, Combiflam, Terremycin, Corex, Becosule tablets, Gentamycin eye drops etc. Many of these popular medicines are commonly used by consumers across the country to prevent, control and cure a variety of illnesses With India emerging an important hub for the production and distribution of such drugs, the outlook does not look good for the Indian consumer. Chocolates The rural consumers by looking into the ads of leading chocolate companies unknowingly purchase the fake chocolate brands because of their impulses. A rural consumer is less aware of the original brand and so it makes it easier to sell the look alike products. Unknowingly children consume spurious chocolates as they cannot distinguish between the original and fake ones and thus become the main victims of spurious chocolates. List of Fake Chocolates/Toffees available in rural areas |S. No. |Original Product |Fake Product | | |Dairy Milk |Daily Milk | |2. |Kit Kat |King Tat | |3. |Coffee
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