Spy Ring in American Government: The Central Intelligence Agency

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Spy ring in American government " Over 100 thousand private emails are viewed a day"(byman). The National security agency and central intel lance agency are illegally viewing private documents and private records. They have access to all of these items without the peoples consent. The NSA is going through people's documents and they are giving them to other countries. The NSA and CIA should not be allowed to do these things to private documents. The United States has the central intelligence agency to monitor phone call of almost every person. The United States has had so many phone call on record, they have made secretive deals with large phone company's like sprint, Verizon , AT&T and many more. "President George w. Bush…show more content…
They are always getting into the American citizens computers and trying to get access to all of their information. The national security agency has access to any camera any in any public place. They can also access any live video feed without approval but Skype lets them do it any way.

The national security agency has been able to control what is put on the internet. "The national security agency has taken down many of my websites..."(risen145). The National Security agency has been taking down any websites that tries to go against them in any way. They have taken so many web sites down, they could take a website down in the madder of minutes. The National Security Agency has been control what has been position on social networking to, they can take down anything of they find it to threaten them. The national security agency has been also spying on the president at times. They have been so busy tring to spy on their own people there has been a terrorist attack just a little over a year ago the Boston bombing."The government has commandeered the Internet"(SCHNEIER). He has article that shows that the Government is taking over the internet.

The National Security agency has been giving private American citizens documents to other counties.The Untied States has given over 100 thousand private phone calls to Brazil,and they have went through them without peoples consent. The National security agency has

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