Spyglass Ridge Winery and Penn's Peak: A Comparative Analysis of Two Companies

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Agency tour Spyglass Ridge Winery and Penn's Peak are two small size local companies that have instilled a pleasant atmosphere and have promoted their products and services in a warm ambiance. Still, aside from these similarities, the two entities reveal several differences as well. In order to better understand the entities, it is useful to assess them at eight independent levels, namely: -The purpose of the agency -The participants/ members -The staff positions -The facilities -The programs -The marketing and advertising efforts -The managerial policies and procedures, and last -The major problems encountered The purpose of the agency The Spyglass Ridge Winery is, in itself, a traditional winery, growing its own grapes and making its own wine, which it sells both in its own facility, to end consumers, as well through intermediary retailers. The scope of the Winery is that of making wine and profits, and the events represent an adjacent means of attaining these objectives. At the level of Penn's Peak, the objective of this institution is also a profitability related one, but it is achieved by operating as a restaurant, and also promoting concerts and other events, such as wine tasting or other thematic parties. The participants/ members At the level of the members/ participants, the two institutions are rather similar, both employing individual staffs to complete the professional tasks, as required by the operations undertaken. At the leadership

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